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Recreation rooms go a long way in making a house a home. Good memories are made there that last a lifetime.

Growing up, my friends and I spent a lot of time visiting each other’s houses. It was at my friend Jeff’s home where we spent the most time. It was a “no-brainer”! He had a pool table, a ping pong table, a bumper pool table, and a rock’n stereo! Every place else was just plain boring compared to Jeff’s!

We spent countless hours consuming massive qualities of lemonade, perfecting our ping pong serves and pool bank shots. We did this while listening to Kiss and Rush albums which also made it very cool!

If we can inspire you to create the Regal Rec Room of your dreams and help you to start making your own great memories around some fun times, this website can be said to have done its job. I raise a virtual lemonade glass in honor of your new recreation room and all the blessings that it will bring!



To inspire you to envision your home with planned spaces that bring people together to build family, relationships, and love.


John Ciancanelli chess champ Haines School